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Vacasa on Deaths Door

(News Item #0462, Published: 05/09/24, Author: Steve Milo, – With current lilaibites $200 million more than current liablites, is Vacasa close to bankrupc? Or will a white knight buy the firm and sell of the inventory of Read more

Vacasa Hawaii Vacation Rentals Plight: Low Satisfaction, High Fees

(News Item #0461, Published: 03/10/24, Author: , Beat of Hawaii) – We felt stung when we checked vacation rentals in Hawaii and found that even on five or more day rentals, fees and taxes in most cases were about equal to or more than the actual rental cost. Read more

'Airbnbust' proves the Wild West days of online vacation rentals are over

(News Item #0447, Published: 03/23/23, Author: James Rodriguez, Business Insider) – Whispers of an apocalyptic "Airbnbust" have spread online among short-term-rental hosts facing empty booking calendars, stiff competition for guests, and tumbling earnings. Read more

Veranda Cottages Owner Direct Vacation Rentals

(News Item #0353, Published: 11/07/18, Author: Elizabeth Rogers, – Outlook Okanogan, a full service vacation rental management company in the Okanogan Valley of Washington State has created a website for owners and guests at Veranda Beach Resort. Read more

Vacation House Destinations Selects Vortex Managers

(News Item #0324, Published: 11/25/15, Author: , – The only destination club specializing in Northwest Vacation Rental homes has selected Vortex Reservations to expand its properties and services. Read more

Oyhut Bay Selects Goldener for Vacation Rentals

(News Item #0325, Published: 11/20/15, Author: William Victor May, – The developers of Oyhut Bay, a seaside village, have appointed Goldener Inns to operate the vacation rental program for its 250 homes being built in Ocean Shores, Washington State. Read more

Ripped off by a vacation rental? Not if you read this

(News Item #0312, Published: 01/25/15, Author: , – Ripped off by a vaction rental? Not if you read this Read more

Moses Lake City Council to regulate Vacation Rental Dwellings within city

(News Item #0311, Published: 12/18/14, Author: Richard Byrd, Columbia Basin Herald) – Moses Lake City Council to regulate Vacation Rental Dwellings within city Read more

Property rights group mounts legal challenge in Lincoln City

(News Item #0310, Published: 12/13/14, Author: Rick Beasley, Newport News Times) – Property rights group mounts legal challenge in Lincoln City Read more

Media giant buys holiday homes portal

(News Item #0309, Published: 11/27/14, Author: , FVW) – Leading German media group Axel Springer has made a further move into the travel business Read more

Scammer targets Clark Howard while on vacation

(News Item #0308, Published: 11/21/14, Author: Clark Howard, ) – Clark says crooks running a vacation scam tried to ruin his trip and take his money. Now he’s warning of the red flags you can watch for. Read more

Indio re-visits vacation rental regulations

(News Item #0302, Published: 11/06/14, Author: Tatiana Sanchez, Desert Sun) – City officials in Indio will bolster regulations on short-term vacation rentals in order to deter occupants from using the rentals as overcrowded "party houses" during large events. Read more

HomeAway sues SF over ‘Airbnb law’

(News Item #0303, Published: 11/03/14, Author: , Seattle PI Newspaper) – HomeAway, the nation’s largest vacation-home rental site, filed suit against San Francisco saying its new law to regulating rentals in private homes unfairly benefits Airbnb at the expense of rivals. Read more

Ocean Shores Reservations sold to By the Sea

(News Item #0301, Published: 11/01/14, Author: William Victor May, – Ocean Shores Reservation Bureau purchased by By the Sea Vacation Rentals, a Vortex Group affiliate. Read more

VRA's Wm May, comments on Rancho Mirage vacation renter age limit

(News Item #0299, Published: 08/02/14, Author: Blake Herzog, Desert Sun) – Speaking for the Vacation Rental Industry Association, Board of Directors members William May doubts Rancho Mirage California's 30 year old age limit can with stand a court test. Read more

Beyond the sharing Economy hipsters hype - the Real Airbnb Effect

(News Item #0293, Published: 02/07/14, Author: Steve Brenner, – This is an opinion from Steve Brenner, co-owner of the Cross-Pollinate information site, owner of the Beehive and ex-member the STA Travel team. Read more

Varoom Vacation Rental Cooperative for Rent By Owners

(News Item #0295, Published: 02/01/14, Author: , – A novel new approach helps fill vacation Homes fill unoccupied dates by coordinating inquiries between managers and Rent by Owners with no risk or up front cost.. Read more

Yelp aggressive Ad company

(News Item #0292, Published: 01/16/14, Author: Terry Thomas, Seattle Times Newspaper) – Is Yelp an impartial free service to consumers or an aggressive advertising company touting the services of paying clients, asks guest columnist Terry Thomas. Read more

Jackie Martin Moves to the Mountains

(News Item #0290, Published: 12/04/13, Author: William Victor May, – Crystal Chalets picks new rental management firm and experienced onsite manager, Jackie martin. Goldener Resorts specializes in unique, unusual and remote lodging properties like Crystal Chalets. Read more

May 2013 Speakers Covered The Bases

(News Item #0283, Published: 05/07/13, Author: Josh Dettwiller, – Speakers for the May 2012 get together of the Washington State Vacation Rental Managers Association ( covered topics from State Tourism to startling internet innovations. Read more

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