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Be Selfish If You Donate Your Rental

By William May
Published: 04/19/04 Topics: Comments: 0

New owners of Vacation Rental homes quickly learn how many friends they really have. And I don't just mean cousin Jenny and her 12 screaming kids who would love to spend every week end at your lake house this summer chowing down on your hamburgers and chips. No, I am referring to all the truly great Read more Leave comments

The Trouble With Hotels

By William May
Published: 04/06/04 Topics: Comments: 0

Can anyone tell me why a family would stay in a Hotel for their vacation? I was reminded recently of how distressing it can be when we visited the famous Waikiki Beach area of Hawaii. Penny and I hadn't spent much time there for 20 years but my 14 year old son decided there were things he just nee Read more Leave comments

Six Tips for Creating More Cash From Your Rental

By William May
Published: 03/08/04 Topics: Comments: 0

Sorry if that headline sounds like a get rich quick scheme. Owning a rental is too much work for that. Most weeks I cover a single topic that owners have been asking about. But today let me catch up on a number of small but equally important tips Vacation Home Owners will want to know. Its kind of a Read more Leave comments

Taking Credit Cards Smells Good, Tastes Bad

By William May
Published: 02/23/04 Topics: Comments: 0

Taking payments by Credit Card is another way to accelerate revenue, right? If that's what you are thinking I'd like to help put the brakes on. Yes, taking credit cards will make you look big time and maybe even increase revenue but it may also subject you to guest stealing money directly out of you Read more Leave comments

Using Guest Checklists

By William May
Published: 02/09/04 Topics: Comments: 0

Promises, promises, promises. I wanted to get back to the website strategy topic I promised a couple of weeks ago but another Owner question has come up and I wanted to pass on some suggestions on that. We'll get Part two of web strategies published in a future issue. (Hey, I'm a volunteer!) GUEST Read more Leave comments

Website Strategy, Part One

By William May
Published: 01/19/04 Topics: Comments: 0

Whether you are self managed or use a property management firm you gotta have a website if you want to maximize income. In recent weeks I've been getting lots of questions about website strategy. For Example: David White from Rock Creek Cabins ( asked, Sometime in the Read more Leave comments

dis n dat for 2004

By William May
Published: 01/12/04 Topics: Comments: 0

I just can't help myself from breaking into 'pigeon; after a month in Hawaii. But now we're back to the grind stone and hard at it. Actually we put the nose to that grind stone while in Hawaii but it always seems easier there. As we begin the new year I thought I'd give you a run down on some Read more Leave comments

Lau Lau for Christmas Dinner

By William May
Published: 12/22/03 Topics: Comments: 0

It was six years ago on Christmas day. My then eight year old son and I were snorkeling about 40 yards off shore at Poipu Beach Kauai. Having taken weekly swimming lessons since he was just 9 months old Taylor felt safe swimming with me out and around a point in hopes of seeing one of the endangered Read more Leave comments

Christmas in Hawaii

By William May
Published: 12/15/03 Topics: Comments: 0

Mele Kalikimaka Haouli Makahiki Hou (Merry Christmas Happy New Year from Hawaii). There are many wonderful reasons for owning a vacation home. But my favorite is the way ownership allows people to make another place home. And I don't mean just a nice place to eat and sleep. Instead, if you are Read more Leave comments

The Art of Getting Your Email Read

By William May
Published: 12/01/03 Topics: Comments: 0

Almost everyone loves email but spam makes it difficult for legitimate messages to get noticed. Users scan dozens if not hundreds of emails every day without much of a glance. There are some tried and true rules you can adopt to make sure your important message doesn't get tossed in the can. Almost Read more Leave comments

All about Guest Terms & Conditions

By William May
Published: 11/24/03 Topics: Comments: 0

Writing and enforcing firm but fair;Terms ; Conditions enhances Guest enjoyment and allows for the operation of your rental home that is safe and secure. If you haven't already put it on your list today to spell out your rules, include them with Guest confirmations and post them on y Read more Leave comments

Making Guest Agreements Enforceable

By William May
Published: 11/10/03 Topics: Comments: 0

If you have a problem with a guest, is your guest agreement enforceable in court? If they don't pay. or cause damage. or disturb neighbors can you take immediate and effective action? If you are a long time rental owner, property managers or have owned or managed a business this week's column may se Read more Leave comments

Are You Paying Enough Tax?

By William May
Published: 11/03/03 Topics: Comments: 0

If you think the law is supposed to be based on logic and reason you may be sadly mistaken. In many jurisdictions the rules, regulations and laws affecting your right to rent out your abode are illogical, unreasonable and sometimes downright stupid. And if you don't know the ropes you could get hung Read more Leave comments

Getting Ready for Winter - Part Two

By William May
Published: 10/20/03 Topics: Comments: 0

Last week we talked about those pesky little tasks every owner needs to do to get their Vacation home ready for winter guests. This week, let's focus on the needs of vacation spots in colder climes. WATER PIPES: There are just two ways to manage water pipes in cold climates. If your homes is frequent Read more Leave comments

Getting Ready for Winter - Part One

By William May
Published: 10/13/03 Topics: Comments: 0

I am sorry to be the one to tell you, but it is now time to get your vacation rental home spruced up for Winter visitors. Those of you in the tropics are saying, Hey nothing changes here in winter. But if you look at my little checklist you'll find some things every vacation homeowner we Read more Leave comments

The Joy & Sorrow of Housekeeping

By William May
Published: 10/06/03 Topics: Comments: 0

Whether you own a villa on the Mediterranean, a hut in Phuket Thailand or something in between; whether you have fabulous amenities or the bare necessities, guests will judge your rental home primarily by its cleanliness. Surprising but true. OK as a man I admit I don't get excited about housekeep Read more Leave comments

Self Management - the Pros and Cons

By William May
Published: 09/22/03 Topics: Comments: 0

The Internet has made it possible for more owners to manage their own vacation rental home, bypassing the traditional property management and booking companies. Is this a good idea for you? Maybe and maybe not. The decision is not as cut and dried as you might think. Last week Amy - a member from M Read more Leave comments

How to use the world's best sales tool

By William May
Published: 09/15/03 Topics: Comments: 0

The fear strikes everyone - owner and property manager alike. No one wants to pick up the telephone to sell people things. If that's how you feel, I'd like to give you some tips that will not only make it easier, but will actually make it fun. Pure enjoyment, really. Last week's newsletter harped o Read more Leave comments

Building rents is as easy as answering the phone

By William May
Published: 09/08/03 Topics: Comments: 0

Would you like your revenue to go up 10 to 50% overnight? And do that with no increase in costs? No - this is not an ad for some get rich quick scheme. But let me tell you about an informal survey we just completed and how the results reveal exactly how you can bank rental increases like the one I'm Read more Leave comments

Beware of Jealous Neighbors

By William May
Published: 09/01/03 Topics: Comments: 0

If you own a vacation home and primary residence you are no longer one of the privileged few. Second home ownership is growing by leaps and bounds in most geographic regions. Home values are rising much faster than inflation. Owners and Guests are anxious to escape the city, kick back and relax in t Read more Leave comments

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