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Information Please

By Christopher S. Cain
Published: 02/07/05 Topics: Comments: 0

If you are an owner renting your vacation condo, renters will often look to you for advice, counsel, guidance, and information. For example:

Are there many nearby golf courses?

Can you recommend some good restaurants?

Where can we get the best steak in town?

Are there any good seafood restaurants?

Does your area have any festivals and cultural events?

Do you have any shopping centers and outlet malls in your resort area?

What are the major attractions?

Do you have any museums and historical sites?

We would like to prepare a seafood dinner at our condo. Can you recommend a market where we can buy fresh seafood?

By providing this information, you can help your renters to a better vacation since they can enjoy the activities they want.

Get a supply of entertainment guides to your resort area and keep them available in your vacation property.

If prospective renters call you for information, you could send them an entertainment guide so they could begin planning their vacation.

Also, you could put together a list of golf courses with a brief description, directions, prices, and phone numbers. Do the same with restaurants, museums, festivals, shopping malls, etc.

Your newspaper, city magazines, the internet, yellow pages, and "book of lists" will provide sources for your lists. Keep a file for newspaper and magazine clips to update your lists.

Think how impressed a prospective renter will be when they ask for information on fine dining, area golf courses, and historical sites and you email them all the information 10 minutes later. You will help them to a more exciting vacation and you might help yourself to a rental.

About the Author -- Chris Cain wrote "Maximize Your Resort Property Investment" (1984), "Road Map to Your Vacation Property Dream" (1998), and dozens of articles on vacation property. He is a nationally-known speaker on the topic and he sells vacation property in Orlando, FL. Chris bases his writings and counseling on his 16 year ownership experience of a seaside villa at Kiawah Island, SC. "Road Map to Your Vacation Property Dream," is available for $9.95 plus $4 S&H when ordered direct by calling toll-free 1-888-822-6657. Contact Chris Cain at

Author: Christopher S. Cain, Vacation Rental Association
Blog #: 0850 – 02/07/05

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