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Landing Success: Improving Your Web Marketing

By Ana M. Kinkaid
Published: 07/16/07 Topics: Comments: 0

Many successful owners extend their marketing outreach by writing short internet travel stories about their area. These often include a "hot" link or URL address that takes readers to a "landing" or "jump" page.

What, I can hear you asking, is a landing or jump page? It is simply a brief pre-page that potential guests read and submit data to before entering your main website. And it is important for several reasons:

1. When possible guests are welcomed, rather than just dumped onto a website, they feel acknowledged. This is important because it supports the continuation of communication with you. If that thread is broken, you will loose contact with your potential guest and most certainly the reservation.

2. Using a landing or jump page enables you to capture critical data. If your page asks the guest to provide some basic data, you are gaining valuable sales information both for now AND in the future.

3. Don't, however, ask for too much information - just the right information. Their name, email address and possible travel interest is enough.

4. Because you have asked for information, you owe the visitor an absolute promise of privacy regarding the information supplied. Your IT programmer can write this into your page, but you need to reassure your site visitor that the page is secure and that you do not sell or share any information provided.

5. Keep your copy short. A landing or jump page is only a lead-in. It is not the great American novel about your vacation rental. Website designers call this shorter text a 'teaser'. It should say welcome and move the validated site visitor onto the main site.

6. Consider linking different landing or jump pages to different interest stories. If your program includes a counter, you can easily see which text and approach draws the most guests to your site. That kind of insight is extremely valuable in focusing your marketing efforts.

7. Develop a follow-up program. Properly designed, your landing or jump page will provide you with valuable information that can lead to increased reservations, but ONLY if you follow through with a consistent telemarketing plan. When do you let possible guests know about early booking discounts for the winter holidays? In June or December 1st? It will make a difference.

More information about designing a landing or jump page is available on the internet, that wonderful source of information for the busy business person. Do a search and give the idea some thought.

I promise that the more you consider having a landing or jump page, the more you will see the value of the marketing material it will capture. So take a jump, consider something new and, I bet, you'll land more reservations and increase your revenue. And that will make it all worthwhile!


Do YOU have a great internet idea? We all know something that will help another owner. Let us know. We'll spread the word.

I look forward to your calls and emails. You can reach me at 206-343-7777, ext. 920 or Ana @vroa.orgAna @vroa.org


TOP PROPERTY: Echo Lake Lodge & Cottages - Fayette, Maine

Sometimes there is a rental so perfect that guests return again and again, because, well, it just feels like home. One such property is the Echo Lake Lodge and Cottages in beautiful Fayette, Maine. Situated only 15 miles from the state capital, it is surrounded by peaceful pines on a quiet country road.

This vacation rental draws its guest back each year by practicing a successful marketing program that makes sure guests know that wonderful kayaking, fishing, swimming and canoeing are all available. Built in 1936 by the water's edge, this owner can well be proud of both the lodging and the memories shared with guests.

Well done Echo Lake Lodge and Cottages!


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Author: Ana M. Kinkaid, Vacation Rental Association
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