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Why Higher Gas Prices Can Actually be GOOD for Your Vacation Rental

By Ana M. Kinkaid
Published: 06/22/07 Topics: Comments: 0

The rising sticker shock for gas is causing many Americans to alter how they spend their vacation dollars. And those changing vacation decisions can benefit your vacation rental. Let me explain how.

Once 83% of we got in the family car and drove an average of 300 plus miles to see relatives and enjoy seemingly endless summer days together. We stayed in various motels and hotels as we drove from one vacation spot to the next. Ah, gas was so cheap then.

Well, to quote the song, “…the times they are a-changing.” Today only 16% of Americans still take the traditional two week vacation that was the norm in the 1950s. Work schedules are hard to match up in a two-career household and the price of gas just keeps going to go up and up.

Far more common today are four day holidays that are centered around a single destination or activity such as a theme park, favorite beach or mountain hiking area. Instead of driving/driving and paying/paying, savvy travelers today wants to get where they’re going, settles in, relaxed and still have enough money left for holiday family fun.

But does that peaceful description sound like the traditional roadside motel to you? Not to me it doesn't - too much noise, too many cars coming and going. And what about saving dollars in that expensive grand downtown hotel? Well, that’s going to be hard with the children there. Think about those pay-for-view movies, room service, gift shop snacks and restaurant meals. Ouch!

No, settling in, relaxing, enjoying lots of room, setting one’s own schedule and still saving money – now that sounds like a vacation rental to me. And lots of Americans (and visiting Europeans) agree. And to prove it, just consider the fact that vacation rentals are the fastest growing segment of the hospitality industry.

Even the major hotel systems are beginning to build upscale vacation rentals for their former hotel-only guests as these travelers eagerly request this new lodging component. America is a land of travelers. We have always been on the move. And lodging industry has always responded to America’s need for new forms of accommodation.

In the early days, our founding fathers met in taverns and stayed in inns. As America grew, grand hotels, called the “people’s palaces”, developed. When the automobile changed our American lifestyle forever, motels appeared to welcome travelers, right next to the gas station.

Today as we seek to protect the environment, enjoy expanded community and focus our researches more wisely, vacation rentals are a near perfect answer for the needs of the modern traveler. With lots of affordable space, families can relax together in a home-setting and truly get to know not only an area, but each other better, all by moving just a little slower.

Please let us know about your vacation rental and what makes it special. Sharing our successes with each other is one of the ways we can all grow professionally. Send in your tips and ideas, concerns and compliments. We all part of the same expanding industry. I look forward to your calls and emails. You can reach me at 206-343-7777, ext. 920 or Ana @vroa.org


TOP PROPERTY: Black’s Cliff Resort, Minocqua, Wisconsin

This outstanding all season resort is an example of a great vacation rental designed for family holidays. Located on the lower shores of Kaubashine Lake, this lovely property stretches for nearly a mile among whispering pines and sparkling waters.

Eleven cabins and two 4-bedroom vacation homes offer guests a wide variety of accommodations – some units even have beds that swing. What fun! Check out their website and congratulations to Black’s Cliff Resort for a job well done!


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Author: Ana M. Kinkaid, Vacation Rental Association
Blog #: 0073 – 06/22/07

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